"Pure fun, pure intrigue. The action never stops till a fascinating climax."  Clive Cussler

"You like golf, you like murder mysteries - then Sudden Death is your book!" James Patterson

"Michael Balkind has really hit a hole in one!  Sudden Death is an enjoyable and fun murder mystery that will appeal to
every sports fan. I give it fore stars!"   
Howard J. Rubenstein

"Sudden Death is a terrific read, with compelling characters and a  fast-paced, unpredictable plot. A great ride."  
Joshua Malina, Film & Stage Actor (Big Shots, The West Wing, Sports Night, A Few Good Men)

"An upscale mystery that golf fans are sure to enjoy."  Tim Green
Bestselling Author, Attorney, Former NFL Player, Commentator for NPR  & Fox TV's A Current Affair

"Sudden Death is sure to be a winner!"  Wendy Corsi Staub

"The nail biting drama of a great sports story...with a heart pounding murder mystery...Sudden Death brings them
together to make the perfect book."  
Ryan Burr, ESPN Anchor

"Sudden Death spins a tangled web of murder and golf that's as mysterious and fun as the game itself."
Tom Coyne, Author of A Gentleman's Game, Paper Tiger & A Course Called Ireland

"Sudden Death gives a whole new insight into the game of golf, This thriller has hit a hole in one!"
Randy Jurgenson, Retired N.Y.P.D. Detective and author of Circle of Six

“Sudden Death is one of those books you pick up, and don’t put down until the last page. Sudden Death is a hole in
Conrad L. Ricketts, Executive Producer, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

"I couldn't put it down. Anyone who loves golf will love Sudden Death."
David Yoho

"Tee-rrific first outing by a promising author." Brian Moss, Former Editor, NY Daily News Express

"Superb Read! Could not put it down. Golf references are spot on. Great story line...Balkind should be congratulated."  
Kenneth S. Francella, President, Global Investment Research, Inc.

"I don't golf, but I found myself totally involved with the characters. Michael's writing style had me in the middle of the
action and kept me there to the end."
Frank DeAlto, Retired N.Y.P.D. Sargeant

"Sudden Death appealed to my inner golfer. A real page-turner and an easy, entertaining read."
Stuart Malina, Director of the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra,Music Supervisor of Broadway's Movin' Out

"Sudden Death is a direct hit! A Hole in One with crisp, tight action boldly mixed with flesh and blood characters that
jump out at you from the page. An excellent read from the opening shot to the very end...!"
Kurt Bryan, Author of The Game Breaker & The Double Move

"Sudden Death is a gripping story of terror on the tour that keeps the reader engaged throughout.  You feel like you are
walking the fairways while looking over your shoulder like Reid Clark, as you play through chapters 1-36. A great read!

Jeffrey H. Edwards,
President, DeForest Enterprises, Inc.

"Michael knows his golf and his murder. This is the perfect mix of golf and suspense. The game is a mystery, as we all
know, but Sudden Death makes it a bigger, better mystery. A great read!"
Dave Berner, Host of Travelgolf.com This Week radio show

"Michael Balkind intrigues golf enthusiasts far & wide with his first suspense novel. Wrought with danger, mystery and a
bit of golf, this page-turner will keep you on the edge of your seat."
Country Club Quarterly Magazine

"In his first novel, Michael Balkind has crafted a suspenseful thriller that uses many familiar Westchester County
The Met Golfer Magazine

Thank you for writing Sudden Death.
Reid is a believable, flawed and ultimately likeable character. He's unashamedly human and the empathy you
create between him and the reader was fantastic. His gradual change from 'bad boy' to impulsive nice guy was
enjoyable to read and actually made me smile.
The golf passages were beautiful. I felt like I was on the fairway with them. The pressure, the feel, the elation of
a sweet hit. Well presented. Made me want to get out there immediately.
The climax was sharp and unexpected. I enjoyed the shock of it, ...(spoiler removed) Great!
And, so that you know I'm genuine: I lost track if all the security personnel. Too many without memorable
personalities. Of course, I realised after a while they were incidental and there only to build the tension but for a
while I tried keeping track of everyone.
Often in crime novels I'm annoyed when the plot deviates from the 'action' or main story. In Sudden Death it
was a pleasant aside, introducing some characters I hope to meet again. In particular, the photo tv shoot for
Freeze. Well orchestrated and described, I could see the set and you had me completely believing this was a
real promotion. Perhaps Eagle should pick up on the idea of Freeze and Heat! They'd sell millions.

Now, back home tomorrow after a brief but memorable holiday/business trip. The golf on a course well beyond
my ability was pleasurable and the book will stay with me for years.

And Dead Ball for the flight home. Perfect.

Luke Fuller


"Listen up, sports and mystery fans!  Buy Michael Balkind’s DEAD BALL right now.  Remember “Bo Knows Sports”?  
They should update it to “Balkind knows sports (and mysteries, too).”
John Lescroart - New York Times Bestselling Author

"Michael Balkind has "Who-Dunit" again. Dead Ball offers an intriguing look at a different side of sports."    
Ralph Wimbish
- New York Post Sports Editor

"Big Sport, Big Money, Big Suspense - Michael Balkind hit another one right down the middle!"    
Dave Donelson
 Author of Heart of Diamonds          

“In Dead Ball, golfing great Reid Clark and his inner circle try to catch a killer, and Michael Balkind turns a sports event
into much more than a game.  Can’t wait for Balkind’s next.”
Alan Kalter -  Television announcer

"From the opening page of Michael Balkind's crackling thriller, Dead Ball, one thing, and perhaps only one thing, is
certain, golf legend Reid Clark is being stalked by trouble. With the discovery of his best friend's dead body, Clark is
propelled into a frenzied search for the killer with the aid of a team of capable and loyal friends including investigative
genius, Jay Scott, who digs into the shadowy corners of the business side of sports only to discover even the most
admired among them can have secrets which prove deadly.
Balkind lays out the search for answers like the great golf course designer, Albert Tillinghast, laid out his fairways and
greens, with a mix of challenge and reward, deception and epiphany, gracing his readers with an enjoyable walk through
the pages culminating in a satisfying finish. Along the way, Balkind reveals his own appreciation for and knowledge of a
wide array of martial arts and sports, making it clear why he chooses to base his mysteries in that world, he knows it, he
loves it, he writes it so well.
There are mystery writers. There are sports writers. And then there's Michael Balkind."
Don Dahler - WCBS-TV NY News Anchor and Author of A Tight Lie & Water Hazard

"A Masterful performance by Balkind. Through the detail and description in this book, Balkind effortlessly brings to life
both characters and scenery in a way only expected of New York Times bestselling authors. Readers unknowingly
become a part of the action- examining the interaction between organized crime, organized sports and the world of high
finance. DEAD BALL is a refreshing new thriller, blending murder, mystery, intrigue and suspense. There is something
for everyone. A real page turner!"
Jeannine J.R. Reardon - Attorney & author of the legal thriller, Confidential Communications.

5 stars - A fantastic sequel to Sudden Death
"Author Michael Balkind introduced us to Reid Clark, golf superstar with the attitude of a prima donna, in Sudden Death.
As the book progressed, Reid transformed into a sports figure we all would love, as well as establishing Michael Balkind
as one heck of an author.
His Reid Clark sequel, Dead Ball, hits it out of the park. Reid Clark's dream to have a facility where talents from all
sports can converge and learn their craft has become a reality - AllSport is the best place for the best to learn.
Something terrible happens - a dead body is found on the grounds. Turns out it is Bob Thomas, Reid Clark's best friend
and Chief Financial Officer of The Inner City Sports Foundation and AllSport.
Reid is devastated, but determined to find out who would kill such a good man.
With Buck, Reid's colorful agent and friend, as well as other characters from Sudden Death, the authorities and friends
try to figure out why Bob Thomas was killed and dumped on AllSport grounds.
The process of the investigation proceeds in a believable fashion and will keep you guessing 'who done it'. Balkind
knows how to spin a mystery.
Dead Ball's actions are nonstop. Balkind's characters are well rounded and you care for each of them and the
circumstances that have occured.
Reid Clark, our hero, has grown into a man you respect and would root for on the golf course. I think I may root for him
like I root for Tiger Woods!
Mr. Balkind's AllSport Complex gives a broad canvas for future adventures as AllSport deals with, well, all sports to glean
many stories from.
The proof of the pudding of an author is if he can expand on a character or sequel to make us want more.
I cannot wait for more adventures from Reid Clark and AllSport!!
Keep 'em coming Michael Balkind!
Ellen George  "ellen in atlanta"  (A Top  Amazon Reviewer)      

5-stars: Dead Ball, if you’re in the game - watch your back!
"Where else can you find murder, mystery, elite sports, guns, greed, special ops, mafia, and glamour? Dead Ball has it
all! The story takes place on the rarefied grounds of AllSport – state-of-the-art facilities that house & train top athletes in
numerous sports to compete at the highest levels. It’s no surprise then, that combining the world’s most highly skilled
and competitive athletes, with the best training facility in the world, and all of the rivers of money that follow and flow,
makes for a combustible mix. Cutthroat tactics abound throughout the book, the players are many, and the high-stakes
world of amateur & professional sports makes for a thrilling read. A brazen murder is committed and the list of suspects
with plenty of motive and opportunity is long. Then the body count grows. The sports world is one where all kinds of
people come to play, not just the athletes, and rules of the game are sometimes subject to dangerous interpretation. Is
murder just another form of competition? Is it no more than a price to be paid as a means to an end? Or is it revenge?
Dead Ball is full-throttle action from the very first page!"
Rai Aren - co-author of Secret of the Sands

"In his latest novel, "Dead Ball," Michael Balkind throws the reader a fast and fun read with many suspenseful curves... A
great change up from most mysteries today. Outstanding!"
Mark Jeffers - President Marsar Sports & Entertainment

Dead Ball, no Dead Beat!
"Michael Balkind delivers another steady swing for sport fans who thrive on murder and intrigue. Reid Clark fans won't
be disappointed."
Carrie Runnals - Words To Mouth

5 stars   Balkind Does It Again!
"Being a fan of Michael Balkind's first book, Sudden Death, I waited with guarded anticipation for the next book in the
Reid Clark series. Not many authors can deliver when following up on a great first offering. With Dead Ball, the author
scores a hole-in-one. Reid Clark is back and better than ever. Finding a hero that you can root for, care about and live
vicariously through is the pinnacle of what an author can create. Reid Clark is definitely that hero. Who could not root
for a man who is a master at a major sport, international hero, constantly a step away from mortal danger and all around
cool guy? All this wrapped in a fast paced page turner that will definitely keep you reading well into the night."
Tony Eldridge Author of The Samson Effect

"I enjoyed this book just as much as the first one. I wasn't ready for it to end. How soon before we get the next book?"
Ladyknight - From Kindleboards.com

5 stars - Awwwwesome Mystery with Reid Clark
"Michael Balkind has done it again. I picked up this book and never put it down. I love a good mystery and this was it.
Reid Clark and his "team" always keep you on the edge of your seat. The best part though was the ending. It doesn't
get any better than this...until his next book!!! Keep them coming Michael!"
Dianne M. Sheen


"Gold Medal Threat is finely crafted and suspenseful, and gives kids an insider's look at the Olympic Games like no
other story out there!"
Tim Green, New York Times Bestselling Author & former NFL Defensive End, TV & Radio Personality

"A great novel, with twists and turns that takes the reader on a ride with Casey after he finds himself at the wrong place
at the wrong time. Once you start reading, it is hard to put down, with all the excitement that surrounds Casey's quest to
stop killers from ruining the Olympics. A book that will have you on the edge of your seat the whole time."
Tim Parker (age 12)

"Gold Medal Threat" is a fun and exciting read - kids will love it!”  
Samantha Westmoreland  

"Gold Medal Threat, was very interesting and hard to put down. It is a perfect book for teens and preteens. It is written
exactly how a teenager would think, act, and speak. It's amazing how in this book teens are treated as adults with
respect. The story was very suspenseful and mysterious. The crime was a great choice for the setting. I would definitely
recommend this book to a friend. It was, without a doubt, one of the best books I have ever read."
Breanna Gardner (age 12)

"Gold Medal Threat by Michael Balkind is action packed, wholesome family fun. This is a story that will capture the
sense of adventure in young men but which will not end up being read exclusively by young adults as I am sure mom,
dad, and big sis would take more than only a peek. Casey, the hero of Gold Medal Threat is growing up and saving the
world one gymnast at a time."
Wanda Hartzenberg

”Gold Medal Threat is really good. I liked it a lot. I especially liked that the Olympic Games were involved in the story.
The story was very thrilling and suspenseful. I would recommend the book to my friends.”
Charlie "Weale" Rudge (age 9)

“This book is very thrilling and filled with suspense, mystery, and action. A great novel for kid mystery fans. Humor is
twisted inside every chapter. The author takes you on a journey with many twists and turns. The main characters are
likable, smart, funny, and resourceful. I loved every chapter.”
Jacob Tabs (age 11)

"Gold Medal Threat is one of those books that puts a big smile on your face and makes your day better. I truly
recommend it to everyone, at every age. I bet my grandma would love it too, because you can't dislike a book like this. It’
s so much fun! I loved it!"
Bianca M. Calin (age 14)

“After reading my niece’s review of Gold medal Threat, I took the time to read it. It is a truly wonderful book that people
of any age can read and enjoy.”
Earl Miller

5-Star review on amazon.com
This book was amazing. When I read this book I could not put it down and I was on the edge of seat the whole time. I
can't wait to read the next one. I would definitely recomend this book because it is one of my favourite books.
Josh Madden
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