Book Signings & Other Events
My protagonist, Reid.
Signing at
Research for a possible diving mystery. Fresh water caverns called Cenotes in the Mexican Riviera Maya.
A successful Book Launch - Thanks to the
support from some good friends.
The ESPN Studios - What an Experience
London Pubs - How many novels were penned here?
Me & The ladies of  Mount Kisco Country Club's  Book Club
An excellent evening of dinner and discussion
At BookExpo
America in L.A.
Signing books at
the autographing
tables next to
Marilou Henner
Signing Books at Larry Woodards
Charity Golf Shoot-Out
Signing Books next to Baseball Legend,
Hank Aaron - what a day!
John Grisham - If it wasn't for this
picture, I'd still think it was a dream
Mystery Writers of America
Book Marketing Discussion Panel
Co-Hosting "The Clubhouse" sports radio show
with regular co-host Mark Jeffers (center) &
WFAS radio personality Bob Barnum (right)
(Guests-Karen Kuhn from Suburbia Roller
Derby (top left) & Lauren Traub Teton of
www.snowboardsecrets.com (top right)
<---   Me -
On the Cover
Of Publishers
Tyler Neenan (of
California) receives the
very first paperback of
Gold Medal Threat for his
birthday. (even before I
received mine)
Happy Birthday Tyler!
Thanks for sending me this
Charlie Rudge (age 9)
Charlie liked GMT so much, he wrote a great
review that you can read on the reviews page.  
Thanks Charlie!
Grizz Chapman from 30 Rock
What a nice guy. Hope he
likes my books.
Even Mayans are reading THE FIX. Sent in by
Carlos Allen, after reading it on his trip to Mexico.
My books in a fan's collection in Hawaii - Thanks for sending this picture, Merle Gornick
Young writers Conferences
'Writing a Red Herring"
2014 & 2015