"Pure fun, pure intrigue.
The action never stops till a fascinating climax.
Clive Cussler  
"You like golf, you like murder mysteries - -
Sudden Death is your book!"
James Patterson
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Novels endorsed by NY Times bestselling authors:
James Patterson, Clive Cussler, John Feinstein
Wendy Corsi Staub, Tim Green, John Lescroart, & Andrew Gross
"Gold Medal Threat is finely crafted and suspenseful, and gives kids an insider's
look at the Olympic Games like no other story out there!"
 Tim Green - NY Times
Bestselling Author of 26 Novels (10 Kid's novels), & former NFL Defensive End
"Gold Medal Threat, was very interesting and hard to put down. It is a perfect book for
teens and preteens. It is written exactly how a teenager would think, act, and speak. It's
amazing how in this book teens are treated as adults with respect. The story was very
suspenseful and mysterious. The crime was a great choice for the setting. I would
definitely recommend this book to a friend. It was, without a doubt, one of the best books I
have ever read."   
Breanna Gardner (age 12)
"Gold Medal Threat is one of those books that puts a big smile on your face and makes
your day better. I truly recommend it to everyone, at every age. I bet my grandma would love
it too, because you can't dislike a book like this. It’s so much fun! I loved it!"
Bianca M. Calin (age 14)
“This book is very thrilling and filled with suspense, mystery, and action. A great novel for
kid mystery fans. Humor is twisted inside every chapter. The author takes you on a
journey with many twists and turns. The main characters are likable, smart, funny, and
resourceful. I loved every chapter.”
  Jacob Tabs (age 11)
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Casey Clark and his
friends join forces with the
Olympic Security team in
order to try and stop
assassins from "taking
out" an Olympic gymnast.
A mystery for Pre-Teens
and Teens filled with lots
of action and lots of fun at
the summer Olympics in
Ages 8-15
Co-Authored with NBC Sports / Golf Channel,
& Winter Olympics Host,  Ryan Burr.
“Continuing to write first-rate suspense- exploring the deepest conflicts in human nature. Exquisitely crafted with an
utterly surprising climax, this story will satisfy all. Balkind takes you away for a spellbinding, all-consuming afternoon.”
Tonja Walker - Actress & Producer
"One thing I love is a good mystery. More than that I love a good sports mystery. And most of all I love a good sports mystery
that feels real. 'The Fix,' is all of the above."
  John Feinstein - NYTimes Bestselling Author, Broadcaster, Journalist
"Blazes like a 4.2 forty with the intrigue of a Sports Illustrated cover piece." Andrew Gross, NY Times bestselling Author
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